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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 27, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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. damage control. the white house tries to contain the fallout from the heeked documents on the afghanistan war. thousands more set to be released. do these documents compromise the safety of troops on the ground? we'll get reaction from the pentagon. starting over. after months of speculation, ceo tony hayward given the bootnd replaced by american bob dudley as the company reports a whooping $17 billion loss. hospital mixup. new details in the tragic case of mistaken identity. two families, their lives turned yups down. we'll speak with the aunt of one of the survivors. and chelsea's bin bg day. just four days until the lavish wedding that will reportedly cost as much as $5 million.
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we're live from the spot where the wedding is set to take place early this tuesday morning july the wedding is set to take place early this tuesday morning july 27th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs sgnd good tuesday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> i'm harry smith. >> a lot of activity. rhinebeck, new york, where it is all but official, i guess, that chelsea clinton will be getting married and now the price tag we're hearing, according to the daily news, $3 million. one of my favorites, they say potential costs for a media consultant, $100,000. which is interesting because there's not a lot of talking going on. >> didn't the people have to like sign cop if i dfif confid agreements? and that's its own stimulus
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package. >> very nice. so you're welcome. we'll have more on that ahead. we begin with that monumental leak of classes filed documents on the afghanistan war. the white house in damage control mode while the leaks raise more questions about that war back here if the u.s. cbs news chief national security correspondent david martin is at the pentagon this morning with the latest. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the dust has yet to settle on that first avalanche of secrets and already the head of wikileakss is talking about releasing 15,000 more classified documents. the pentagon says it will take days if not weeks to assess the damage caused by what's already been posted on the wikileak website. white house spokesman robert gibbss said people's lives have been put in danger. >> if somebody is cooperating with the federal government and their name is listed in an action report, i don't think it's a stretch to believe that that could potentially put a group or an individual at great personal risk. >> reporter: u.s. military
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officials assume the documents were leaked by 22-year-old private first class bradley manning, who is already charged with illegally downloading a classified video of a helicopter gun ship shooting civilians in the streets of baghdad, a video which ended up on wikileakss. the documents cover the years 2004 to 2009 and describe in detail why the u.s. is in so much trouble in afghanistan. the u.s. has been fighting with too few troops and causing too many civilian casualties. the afghan government is corrupt and inefficient. pakistan is an uncertain ally which at times has assumed the sametal ban that is killing american soldiers in afghanistan. the head of wikileaks call it is one damm thing after another. >> this is the story of the war since 2004. most of the deaths in this war are as a result of the every day
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squaller of war, not the big incidences. >> reporter: the white house is trying to downplay the substance of these documents as old news, but congress will have a say on that when a intending bi ispend the afghan war comes up for a vote before the august recess. and in another war development, one of those two missing sailors has now been identified. he is 30-year-old justin mcneley whose body was recovered sunday. the other sailor remains missing and unidentified. >> david, thanks. david martin this morning at the pentagon. joining us this morning is pentagon spokesman geoff morrell. good to have you with us. do you know at this h point who is responsible for this leak? >> we do not. we have a very robust investigation that's under way to try to determine who is responsible for breaking the law here and leaking this classified information that could endanger the lives of our forces and imperil our nation's security. but at this point we're in the early stages of that.
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our foerous frank sli to try to determine if there is anything in these 90,000 pages of documents that could indeed endanger our forces. we got a team doing that round the clock. this was dumped on us hike it was dumped on you all sunday night. it would have been nice had this organization had the organization to come to us and work with us to try to figure out if there's anything in here that could endanger our informations. gr and there is more to come. how many people have access to this type of information? >> we're in the going to get into sort of the scope of what was involved here in terms of the databases that may have been breached. suffice to say -- >> but is it a large number of people? >> it's classified for a reason. this involves secrets that should not be disseminated in to the public domain and could potentially endanger our operations and forces in afghanistan. >> there is understandably shom concern over the troops and how it could effect them and about all the relationships that are
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in the region. president karzai coming out with the response, the recent documents leaked clearly support and verify the success over terrorism does not come with fighting in afghan villages but by targeting its sources across the borders. it seems to elude to pakistan and support to the taliban. is there any way to be sure that the billions of dollars in aid is not being used to support terrorists? >> i think that this shows that this information, though new and unprecedented in the shear size of the leak, the information itself, the content of these documents, is not make yourly new or illuminating. it points to issues that we've identified as being problem areas for months if not years. the underresourcing of the conflict, the president has tripled the number of forces there, the fact that civilian casualties has been a problem which we've been trying to deal with. u.s. caused civilian casualties down by a third this this year. taliban civilian casualties nearly doubled. and the pakistani partnership
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that is so vital to our success in afghanistan is one that has been trending in the right direction for months if not a couple of years now. so the most recent of these documents is at least six months old by now and that is clearly out of step with where this relationship is and has been heading for some time now. >> so you're saying it's trending to a better place, but is there any way to know whether or not u.s. money being sent to pakistan is supporting terrorists who could be endangering u.s. troops? >> we have as many controls as we can have on our aid to pakistan. $1.5 billion a year over the next five years. but remember, in is a sovereign country who we are partnering with in the war on terror. we're working with them together to go after the terrorists in their midst who not only threaten their government and our forces in afghanistan, but our well, here state side as well as our am liallies around e world. >> thanks for your time. now to the big shakeup at bp.
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te tony hayward is stepping down and for the first time, an american will at that time helm of the firm formerly known as british petroleum. mark till lips is in london with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, harry. well, bp has finally confirmed what everybody expected, which is that ceo tony hayward, the man who had become very much the villain of the gulf oil spill piece, is leaving effective october 1st. that b.wanted to preserve its american business, it really had no choice. tony hayward is the bone being thrown to the angry dog of public opinion. the gulf oil spill happened on his watch and whatever other talents he brought to the cleanup and well capping effort, a public relations touch wasn't one of them. one comment in particular stuck to him like an oil slick on a gulf beach. >> nobody wants this thing over more than i do. about i'd like my life back.
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>> reporter: as sacrificial lambs go, tony hayward is an expensive one. the golden handshake will involve a year's salary of $1.6 million, a pension of about a million dollars a year, and bp shares that could be worth millions if the stock price recovers. hayward will also sit on the board of bp's joint venture in russia. >> it is very tragic. i'd like to get more people out here to see it. >> reporter: his replacement, robert dudley, will give the company an american face and an about-face of bp's image is something the company's chairman admits it badly needs. >> i think it became cheer that you needed in this case a new face, a new man to lead this and of course especially america is our big he is market that is also important. so i think it became difficult for him to take on that task. >> reporter: bp estimates that its losses in relation to the oil spill will top $30 billion.
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bill goion with a b. and that's only if it isn't found guilty of gross negligence. >> mark phillips in london. thank you very much. joining us now rebecca jarvis. good morning. i want to put pictures of hayward and dudley. let's talk about dudley and why this guy. >> so what bp faces ahead is a pr battle. the issue for bp is that americans have lost truss in the company. the company does 40% of its business here. dudley came from america, he was born in new york, he grew up in mississippi. they like that about him. he fits the right profile for regaining trust in americans. >> let's talk about bp losses because this is a big company. used to making lots of profits. the profits from a year ago this quarter versus the losses of this are just -- they're almost breath taking. >> we're looking at massive losses for the quarter. $17 billion in losseses this quarter versus last year this
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time. the company was making $4.4 billion, but what's most important about all of this is what shareholders have lost in the bargain. shareholders have lost $70 billion as a result of all this. >> and in the end of the day, does bp -- this is a question that's come up in the first weeks and after the first month and the second month -- do they have the resources to back up what has to be $30 billion or more in funds to pay for this ongoing? >> they have set aside now $32 billion. they're selling some of their assets to pay for the cleanup costs. and as we know, the obama administration has requested that they put aside that $20 billion fund. they'll make the first $5 billion payment shortly. >> rebecca jarvis, as always, thank you very much. betty nguyen is right over there and has the rest of the morning's news. good morning. at least six homes have been burned by a wildfire it this h california this morning. that fire is in the mountain
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town of kernville near the sequoia national forest. some people have been forced to evacuate, fwhou one has been injured. also in california, more highly paid officials in a los angeles suburb have bowed to the demands of furious residents. protestors in the blue collar town of bell had already succeeded in getting rid of three top officials. at a meeting yesterday, they went after city council members who were being paid $100,000 a year for part-time work. >> you failed to do your job. you failed to listen to us about our taxes. and you guys do not deserve to be running the city. >> the council members voted to slash their salaries by 90%. some residents say they should just quit. overseas this morning, day three of a joint exercise by the u.s. and south korean navys. the carrier george washington is one of about 20 u.s. and south korean vessels taking part. the show of force is aimed at north korea which sang a south
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korean warship in march. in havana, a surprise appearance by fidel castro. yesterday he marked the anniversary of the revolution with a wreath laying ceremony. the 83-year-old casts troe stepped down as president four years ago. wyclef jean may be trading as of yesterday, he has not made a final decision. he's been a prominent fund-raiserle following haiti's earthquake disaster. and another no hitner h baseball's year of the pitcher. tampa bay's matt garza faced only 27 batters giving up only one walk followed by a double play. the 5-0 win over detroit is the first no-hitter in team history and the fifth in the majors this season. congratulations to him. up to bat now, dave price with the first check of the weather. good morning. >> nice to see you, betty. hello, everybody. let go to the maps and see
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what's happening across the country. got some troubles in the northern plain states. and as we take a look at the dakotas, for this afternoon and into sections of minnesota, then into the evening, we widen out that area. minnesota, iowa, into wisconsin and michigan, stretching back to places like nebraska, watch for the hail, the high winds, the rain. could see upwards of two incheses in some locations. we'll keep an eye out. in the meantime, nice right along the northwest coastline. high pressure, pacific cool air downward. but keep in mind the high pressure system so far out that inland we're still talking about high temperatures and high heat, as well. that's a quick
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scar bon copy of the weather in the northeast as we head into the rest of the day today. and storms brewing in the four corners area. talk about that at 7:30. >> we will check in with you then. hangs. just four days left until chelsea chin done's wedding. one report says the lavish affair could cost as much as $5 million. elaine quijano is in rhinebeck, new york this morning for us with more on the big event. lent of buzz there, i'm sure. >> reporter: plenty of buzz that's exactly right. and some people might be wondering what kind of person wins the heart of chelsea clinton and the approval of her prominent parents. someone who has a lot in common with his bride to be. his name may not ring a bell, but chelsea clinton's fiance,
7:16 am
32-year-old marc mezvinsky, is hour. >> they've been together for a long time. so i don't know, i'm thumbs up on him. >> reporter: is he a cutie? >> very cute. >> reporter: mezvinsky and clinton first met as teenagers at a leadership retreat in 1993. they both attended stanford university. he thousand works as annen investment bank errands lives in this building in a $4 million, three-bedroom apartment on new york's fifth avenue. but his family has faced some adversity. mezvinsky's father, former iowa congressman ed mezvinsky, pleaded guilty to fraud and served five years in prison. he was released in 2008. observers say as children of politicians who faced public turmoil, both marc and chelsea understand how harsh a negative spotlight can be. >> i think it's huge. i think both of them understand each other in a way that no one else can. they understand what the other
7:17 am
one has been through. >> reporter: now though the details are shrouded in secrecy, their wedding is the talk of the town. >> nothing's happening. >> reporter: despite no official confirmation that the wedding will happen at the near by astro courts, the rhinebeck town board voted to approve extra funding for additional police on saturday. >> i'd like to make a motion to allocate $2500 for the possible event. >> reporter: now, celebrity guests are reportedly staying behind me here at the historic inn in downtown rhinebeck. the owners here we're told have signed a confidentiality agreement. one person we know who will not be attending the white house said yesterday president obama will not be here. erica? >> that was one of the big questions. elaine quijano, thanks. only $2500 extra dollars just in case? that doesn't seem like enough. >> i wonder if it would be fun just to go and stand on the
7:18 am
corner and oogle. >> i was thinking about whether we should drive up for the weekend just to check things out. coming up, the tragic case of mistaken identity. we'll have that story in a moment as we talk to family members of one of the girls thought to be dead but is really alive. also ahead, a lost child or a lost dog? which will be found first in a public place? the results of an "early show" investigation. and the british royal family sharing their private photos with the world. we'll show you some of the cool new and old pics coming up on "the early show." [ poof! ] who are you?!?
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nice crowd out on the plaza today. another beautiful morning here in -- rebecca jarvis, greetings from -- >> what does that say? oh, minneapolis neighbors. that's what it is. >> welcome back to "the early show." coming up, what to do if your kids get lost. susan koeppen will tell you what your child needs to know. she's also going to tell you why parents should not assume other people are going to help you. the reason we're showing you the dog is we're going to see if people are more apt to help a little kid lost or a dog lost. >> sadly i think i know the answer. also for all you royal watchers, a little something special this morning. there are never before seen photos being released take. there you see a lovely family
7:31 am
photo. they're going to give us a glimpse behind the castle walls. whose hand is that? we'll have to find out. >> royal family's opened a flicker page. >> they have. they are way more tech savvy than i thought. >> dave is at the weather board. a lot going on out there. >> i just friended prince charles on facebook. a phasing whate inmazing what's. i didn't friend prince charles. we talked about the fact that in the four corners area, we'll see rough area. the mountainous areas of the southwest, watch it. even 12re67i instretching down phoenix as the system begins to move eastward, that's a possibility, but it's this area, the area in the green, where we could see flash flooding and heavy rains, upwards of one to two inches. and when that stuff comes down, it comes down quickly, there is that possibility of flooding. across the country, temperatures moderating just a little bet. look at that, 92 in new york city, but lower humidity. kind of a carbon copy from
7:32 am
yesterday. a really nice day up and down the eastern seaboard. the humidity still sticks around in the southeast, so it will feel a little less comfortable. and warm temperatures, but rather uneventful as we head into the great lakes area, but it is in the northern plain states where you see that cold air begin to push on through and that volatility in the atmosphere. that's a quick look at the national maps. here's an early look at what's going on this your area.
7:33 am
traveling through minneapolis/st. paul, watch it, you could see airport delays. erica, we'll send it over to you. we want it to turn now to the tragic case of mistaken identity. the father of one of the misidentified women says the hospital simply notified the wrong family. we'll speak with the aunts of e of the girls in a moment, but first hattie kauffman explains exactly what happened. >> reporter: hate monday, officials from st. joseph's hospital in phoenix tried to explain how they mixed up the identities of who survived a horrific car accident. they got it wrong when they originally told family members that marlena cantu lived and her best friend, abby guerra, died. >> we interviewed family members that evening and asked for any discernible visual information that could help us make that positive identification. >> reporter: the hospital claims the young women's severe injuries led to the mistake, but monday, frank cantu, the father of the deceased, said officials
7:34 am
actually mixed up the taem members. >> instead of telling abby's parents, okay, your daughter is upstairs, they told me my daughter is upstairs. >> reporter: for six days, frank cantu sat praying at what he thought was his daughter's bedside. only to find out she never survived the crash. >> and they said i think there's been a tragic error. >> reporter: it was marlena's best friend, abby guerra, who had survived. though her parents were told she died. meanwhile, frank's daughter, marlena, had been tagged jane dough, unidentified because of a backlog of bodies. suddenly the cantus are making funeral plans for the daughter who was supposed to be getting back to college. >> a book had come in she ordered. >> reporter: oh, gosh. >> it's tough. >> reporter: frank cantu has a mission, to stop mistakes like this from happening again. >> my daughter was the most fresh issues thing i ever had.
7:35 am
everybody loved her. >> reporter: hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> joining us this morning there phoenix is abby's aunt. thanks for being with us. you can tell us how is abby doing this morning? >> as of when i left the hospital this morning, she's still in critical condition. >> and how is the family doing? i just can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions you all have been on. >> everybody -- her family hasn't left her side. they've stayed at the hospital. of course they're tired and exhausted, but they're not going to leave. they're going to stay there to support their daughter. >> i know that the family met with the arizona department for public safety yesterday looking for an explanation and part of that explanation was simply that the offices has been overloaded, they had a backlog of bodies. what's the reaction to that as an explanation? >> well, we did not actually
7:36 am
meet with dps yesterday. they had a press release. we saw what you saw on the news. so we were told they were backlogged. we were told from the beginning that they -- well, i should say we were told on saturday when we found out that abby was alive that they had 120 bodies just in that week and that people were on vacation, they were backlogged. we were told by -- that by the chief medical examiner himself. >> and i understand in that press release it says that the department says, quote, we interviewed family members that evening, asked for any discernible visual information. you say that's not true that there was never an opportunity to identify the body? >> that is true. and that's one thing that's so upsetting especially when we hear it on tv just like everyone
7:37 am
else because we found out about the accident occurred what we're told about 8:30 in the evening and we were told approximately 11:50 that evening that abby had died. we were never even given the opportunity to see any of the other people. we were never given the opportunity to look at the body. we were never asked any questions. we were just told that she had passed away at the scene. so that's very, very saddening for us because it's not true anded a and anded a had we had the opportunity to look at the bodies or the other people at that time, maybe this could have been avoided. >> has the family been this touch at all with the cantu family? >> yes. we also had a -- we have seen them, we also had a car wash
7:38 am
last sunday to benefit both abby and marlena. i know abby's been described by her soccer coaches as being competent it difference, someone who never gave up, and we wish you the best of luck as abby fights for this and we know that you will be right this by her side. thanks. >> thank you. and thank you for all the support. if you'd like to learn more about the story, also information on how you can help both families, we do have that information at our website, early and coming up, the shocking results of our early show experiment. we'll show you what happens to lost children as compared to lost to dog lost dogs. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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to your five daily servings. v8. what's your number? one of any parent's many nightmares is being separated in their child in a park, in the mall, maybe on the beach. all of us know how easily that can happen. susan koeppen is here with important advice for families this morning. good morning. >> good morning. thousands of kids get lost every year. it can usually happy the mall, the park. you look away for a moment, and your child has wandered away.
7:42 am
that can send any parent into panic mode. well, experts say parents need to take steps to prevent their kids from getting lost and also teach them what to do in case they get separated. brooke branch always keeps a close eye on her twins, but one day at the zoo, her son just vanished. >> i was frantic. >> reporter: millions of parents know that feeling all too well. more than 2,000 children get lost or go missing every single day. >> it's incredibly common unfortunately. >> reporter: jill is a child safety expert who says most small children don't know their parents' names, addresses or phone number, often making it difficult to reunite lost children with their families. >> if there a phone number and the parent is two aisles away, it takes minutes. but if the child child doesn't know the phone number, it can take much longer. rrpt parents shouldn't assume that passers by will automatically help a child find
7:43 am
his or her way home. a lost dog will often be rescued more quickly than a lost child. we wanted to see if that was true. we took a well trained dog and a child actress to a park. we told 4 1/2-year-old olivia to pre-tent to be lost near this playground. our she willity named rascal was given a tag with our cell phone number. we let him wander around with his leash making it look like he had run away from his other than. within three minutes, rascal was rescued. >> i'm sure someone lost a dog, so i wanted to find the rightful owner. >> reporter: but watch what happens to olivia. even though she looks sad and is all alone, plenty of people just walk on by. these women notice owe live yarks but do nothing. this woman even comes up to olivia, chasing another child. but then walks away. our expert wasn't surprised. >> people are often reluctant to help lost children because they're afraid of being perceived as someone who is trying to hurt the child as
7:44 am
opposed to someone trying to help the child. >> reporter: then finally, after an hour -- >> are you with somebody, sweetie, or are you lost? >> reporter: this woman notices olivia and comes to her aid. >> i walked past and realized there was nobody really with her and i thought that could be my own child. >> reporter: in the end, it took 20 times longer to rescue our child than our lost dog. >> oftentimes the dog will be running on a leash without their other than, so people can see that's a lost dog. they can go up to the dog and there's dog tags. a phone number or contact information. easy. >> reporter: experts say lost kids can be found much more quickly if they, too, carried emergency contact information. and are taught what to do if they get lost. teach them it's okay to approach a helpful stranger like a mommy with children. >> the child needs to say my mommy's telephone number is in the back of my jacket or my mommy's phone number is on my arm. that's something you need to teecht child if that's something you're going to it use. >> reporter: as for brooke
7:45 am
branch, she eventually found her son at the zoo, alone and unharmed. she's made sure her twins now know her name and phone number. >> it just takes one second to look away, you look down and your child's gone. so it could happen to anyone. >> and it's always a good idea for parents to have a current photo of their kids. one easy thing to do, take a picture of your kid, put it on your cell phone, before you head out to the zoo or the amusement park that morning. so if they do get lost, you say these are my kids, this is what they look like. >> my kids are 16 and 20. i'm not sure they know their parents' names. so you have some things here to help out that could raep help in a jam if your kid went missing. >> right. if you want your kid to wear some sort of identification, a few options. we have a velcro wrist band, only $8. you slip it on the wrist, the information is inside. these are portable ones that you can bring on vacation with you. this one is called -- >> this seems more likely.
7:46 am
>> the shoes id. just attach it to the sneaker. and then also something here which is the child locator. your child wanders away -- >> you would know. >> they start beeping. >> susan koeppen, thanks so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake.
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welcome back to the "early show." the time is 8:00. i'm julie chen with harry smith and erica hill. if you're planning to fly this summer, we have between news for you. airline seats are getting bigger and more comfortable. we'll tell you which airlines are making the skies a whole lot more friendly. >> something i never thought i would hear. also an unbelievable story to share with you. a little boy falls off a chair, lands on a metal rod. it is stuck in his head. not only did he survive the fall, he survived the surgery. look at that stray. we'll hear from the parents and the doctors. and can reuseable grocery
8:01 am
bags actually make you sick in the trend is to have a cloth bag that you haul around all the time. you're supposed to stop and not use paper or plastic, use the choth bag to pick up all kinds of stuff. can there be germs in there? >> yeah, if the meat is drippy. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> we'll find out from dr. jennifer ashton to help you separate fact from fiction. and betty nguyen is at the news desk with another check of the headlines. good morning. tony hayward is still ceo of bp this morning, but not for much longer. after more than three error prone months, hey regarded is stepping down at the end of september. he'll be replaced by bob dudley, the first american to head the former british petroleum company. this morning the pentagon launches an investigation of the huge leak of afghanistan war did you wants. the website wikileaks released
8:02 am
more than 90,000 secret field reports. earlier, a pentagon spokesman told erica the leaker hasn't been caught and he criticized wikileaks for the sudden disclosure. >> this this was dumped on us like it was dumped on you all sunday night. it would have been nice had this organization had the dee ddecen to come to us, but we were not given that luxury. >> the shear size of the leak makes it hard to quickly assess the threat it may pose to u.s. troops. police appear to be close to announcing a suspect in the case of missing oregon boy kyron horman. a key hearing was held yesterday. priya david clemons has the latest. >> reporter: dede spicher appeared before a grand jury monday. kyron's parents have accused her of hindering the investigation to find the missing 7-year-old. >> why don't you say anything?
8:03 am
>> reporter: kaine horman and desiree young have also pleaded with the stepmom to cooperate. some long time court watchers believe she'll soon be named a suspect, but former prosecutor jim mcintyre cautions against a rush to judgment. >> we can't assume terry is responsible because if you charge the wrong person, the right person has gone free. >> reporter: in other developments, kaine horman, who is seeking to divorce terry, filed court papers demand to go know where she got an alleged $350,000 to pay for her high profile defense attorney. and sheriffs investigators, silent for weeks, have called a press conference for this afternoon. >> do you think there's an indictment imminent? >> there's no way to tell that. especially since we still have yet to hear any answers as to whether kyron is ale live or deceased. >> reporter: investigators have received more than 3300 leads, but so far, none that have led them to kyron. in portland, priya david
8:04 am
chemicalen, cbs news. in leland, north carolina, a little boy survived an operation to remove a metal rod lodgeded in his brain after a freak accident. whit johnson reports. >> reporter: a leisurely saturday nearly turned deadly ten days ago when 17 month old nell from a chair landing directly on the rod of a power washer like the one shown here. this was the unbelievable result, the metal rod lodged three inches in to his brain. his uncle was with him at the time. luckily he had training as an emt. >> i just knew to keep his head still. >> reporter: the rod came within a hair's breath of the child's vein nearly severing blood flow between the brain and heart. >> this could not have been in a worse location. if it there was any injury to that, that could have resulted in instant death. that could have resulted in a massive stroke. that could have resulted in a
8:05 am
terrible outcome. >> reporter: doctors told the grandfather that his chances were grim by the time he got to the care of neurosurgeons at the university of north carolina hospital. >> and he didn't sugarcoat anything. he said, mr. jones, more than likely, we pull the screw out of his head, he's going to bleed out and bleed to death. when he said that, i just lost it. >> reporter: but just a day after surgery, he was already recovering as if nothing had ever happened. >> i think we had a lot of help from above and fortunately everything went well, so i think he is a miracle baby. >> god gave him a second chance. >> reporter: he's set to return home later today. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. >> that is one lucky little boy. katie couric now has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." good morning. it's not just happening in arizona. why a town far from the border is also pushing for
8:06 am
controversial immigration laws. we'll have that story and more tonight only on "the cbs evening news." now back to the early show oig. dave price has another check of the weather. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you, betty. how absolutely positively -- do you see someone you know on the monitor there? who do you see? >> me. >> really, where are you? >> on it tv. >> that's right. do you know how many people are watching you? lots. you are famous today. and you are, too. where are you from? >> livingston, louisiana. >> and how about you? >> livingston. >> baton rouge. >> did you car pool? nice to see you. let's take a check of the weather. temperatures around the u.s., well, we saw some high heat in places like atlanta and down in miami and over to new orleans
8:07 am
where we are seeing a little bit of humidity. in fact, a lot of it along with that high heat. and temperatures inland in the southwest warm, too, but right along the coastline looking good and the northeast, could it be better today? i say no. it is beautiful out there. that's a quick look at -- what is it, sir? >> great. >> that's our technical >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by pots.
8:08 am
purely delicious flavor and great nutrition.ots. purely delicious flavor and great nutrition.mots. purely delicious flavor and great nutrition.ts. purely delicious flavor and great nutrition.'s. purely delicious flavor and great nutrition. >> this kid loves being on television. hopefully he'll do something with his life thfd. >> thanks, dave. up next, you're shopping with reusable grocery bags because they're green, but are they clean? we'll have the results of a surprising new study when "the early show" continues. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. discover customers are getting 5% cashback bonus at the pump... and at many of the places their summer plans take them. it pays to get more. it pays to discover. the book of truth. food myth #9. [ woman ] chopping, peeling and sauteing can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day.
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in this morning's "health watch," those reusable grocery bags, they're green. are they clean, though? recent study found they main contain bacteria. the report was sponsored by a trade group that represents the makers of plastic bags. our dr. jennifer ashton is here with objective advice. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what did the study find? >> the american chemistry council is the group that you're referring to.
8:12 am
they did sponsor a study. they only looked at about #84 bag, and no shock, she found they had bacteria. 51% had coal low form, 12% contained e. coli. but they did not find any salmonella or listeria p. and it's important to remember that we've said it before, bacteria are everywhere. we don't expect these bags to be sterile unless you have a weakened immune system. they really are not going to make you sick. >> even if you look at this and you say maybe it's not such a big thing to worry about but you want to make sure that your family stays safe, what kind of precautions should you take? >> you don't want to lick the inside of the bag, but even if you do, you can probably be rest assured it's not going to make you sick. so one easy thing you can do, clean the bag. whether you clean it by hand or put it in a washing machine or use bleach or use an eco-friendly cleaner, just
8:13 am
cleaning it will help a lot. other than that, you want to try to when you're shopping use the cold -- get the cold food last because bacteria loves warm environments and you want to keep the stuff cold. check the packaging for dates and labels. >> that's what julie said, leaky meat. what if you have leaky meat? >> you want to separate it in your cart. so put about the produce and stuff you'll be eating, the fresh stuff, separate from all of the stuff that can leak like meats. >> because especially if you're out there and you have imitation crab meat salad, that could -- >> now, listen, we always say we can't live our life in a plastic bubble, but all kidding aside, in the summer the cases of foodborne illness they do spike. and 76 million cases of foodborne illness in this country every year. occasionally it can make people very sick especially the old, the young, weakened immune systems. so you want to take basic precautions. >> so the danger zone especially in the summertime is what? >> here's the back tee bacteria
8:14 am
lesson for you. bacteria love warm environments, so that's why in the operating room we keep the temperature cold. you want to keep cold foods cold, and you want to keep hot foods or prepared foods hot. if they're on the for more than an hour, if you're in doubt, throw out.uon the for more than an hour, if you're in doubt, throw out.ton the for mo than an hour, if you're in doubt, throw out.e for more than hour, if you're in doubt, throw out. for more than an hour, if you're in doubt, throw out. this is actually cooking under the lights. >> and you need to make sure the boards and stuff -- >> and you can always clean them with bleach. though out your sponge on a regular basis. common sense stuff. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thanks very much. up next, julie finds out that's thing at a great restaurant is a lot different than working at one. our dream job series begins when we come back on "the early show." >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by v-8 v-fusion. vegetables that taste like fruit.
8:15 am
the taste of them. good thing v8 v-fusion juice gives you a serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit. [woof woof] v8. what's your number?
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8:17 am
"the early show" anchors are all getting a chance to live out a fantasy, our dream jobs. i love great food, so what could be better than working at one of the nation's finest restaurants? once i got to the french laundry oig, i found i might have bitten off more than i could chew. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: nestled in yountville, t"the french laundr" has twice been named best restaurant in the world. >> we're fortunate to have a vegetable garden so close to our restaurant. >> reporter: they use only the fresher ingredients including vegetables from its own garden. >> like finding a treasure.
8:18 am
>> reporter: that's why i've always wanted to work here alongside the restaurant's founder and master chef thomas keller. it's always been my dream job to work at your famous restaurant, the fren"the french laundry." >> i want to take you in the kitchen and give you some fundamental technique and see how good you are. >> reporter: let's go. what was your original goal when you took over this restaurant? >> be successful. >> reporter: well, it worked. >> just to be able to have a restaurant that could i work at every day and one that was going to bring me a sense of gratification, a sense of satisfaction. >> reporter: keller has a team at least a dozen chefs and assistants in the kitchen. along with a support staff of 25. all of them sticklers for excellence. the level of culinary skill at this restaurant is as good as any in the world. isn't that dangerous for your pointer fink sther anyone who knows me knows i can't cook, but
8:19 am
that didn't stop thomas from trying to teach me to make his signature dish. before i got my hands dirty, thomas insisted experience the dish. i approve. along with some of the day's other menu items, to understand the importance of the job, he didn't have to twist my arm. thousand, what is this? the cornet was followed by a summer salad with vinegar sauce. then the main entrees. and a farmland rib by. topped off with a donut like only tomorrow as keller can make. talking with food in my hout, i'm sorry, mom, but trust me, you would, too if you had h. >> this looks very simple to do, there are very many steps involved. >> reporter: what does it take
8:20 am
to get hired here? >> that's a good question. the thing i look for the most is a strong desire and determination. if somebody has desire and determination, they can do anything. >> reporter: i have the desire and determination, but did this they serve me creating a dish worth serving? my cornet had all the right ingredients, but be honest, could what i created go out to your patrons right now in. >> no we wouldn't serve this to our guests. >> reporter: i really don't want to leave here without being qualified for some kind of job at the french laundry. do you have any ideas? >> well, i'm sure we could think of something. >> reporter: well, at least i got to stay i worked at the french laundry and you didn't. >> now, if you want to learn how to make the cornet, you can find the recipe in tomorrows thomas keller's record selling cookbook. do you want it to know the truth about my dream job?
8:21 am
i thought could i get in there and tell them to create a position for me, just picture the business card. julie chen, quality control, food taster. before anything go out, like, oh, yeah -- yeah, that's good. >> i think there and 's a bite in my cornet. >> mine didn't look pretty because theirs was very smooth, but it did taste delicious. >> as long as it tastes good. >> wasn't it voted best restaurant like twice? was it truly the best food that you've had? >> yeah, hands down. down to when you walk into the room, i have a new appreciation for the way they set the tables. i mean, everything is lined up exactly the way they fold the napkins and put that laundry clip, it's just -- and there's not a single fingerprint. that's why they carry all the utensils out and wine glasses on
8:22 am
a silver tray and they set it. everything is just sparkling. >> and whenever he comes here, it's really fun. >> i love it. very exciting. >> and you consider yourself a chef. when you cook with him, do you position i'm just going back to -- >> i'm an idiot. >> and he makes it look easy. you have a deeper -- we always appreciate fine food, but you have a deeper appreciation when you see how hard it is to do that work. >> and especially not for just one person. what's amazing to me is that you're not just doing it for one table, you have so much that you have to line up timing wise to get it right for the entire restaurant. >> absolutely. >> did you -- >> i ji want to let the viewers know, all week long, you're going to see us performing our dream job, but we want to hear from you. if there's position you've always dreamed of having, tell us what it is and why via e-mail, facebook or dwight twitter and we just might make that dream come true.
8:23 am
>> and tomorrow, i'm driving ♪
8:24 am
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8:30 am
a lot of folks from louisiana with us here. coming up, we'll meet a courageous guy who beat two, count them, two different kinds of deadly kinds of cancer when he was just a teen and now spreads the message of hope by climbing the world's highest paekss. and he takes other cancer survivors with him. we'll speak to him live from mount kill map j mapmt. kilimanja kilimanjaro. a good sorry. also peter greenberg is here with good news for airline passengers. seats are getting bigger, better and taking comfort to a whole new level. and for couples, listen up, the world's first double bed in the sky.
8:31 am
also speaking of comfy -- >> what railroad ywere you goin? >> you're creeping me out. >> wait until you get a look at these pictures. they're comfortable, trendy and, oh, so ugly. you may have seen them on perhaps an older woman somewhere. they're calling them granny sandals, but they are the summer's hottest new footwear. so if you want to be super trendy, we'll show you how to wear thes without looking like you stole them from your gra grandma. >> first dave has a final cheskt weather. >> nice to see you. thank you for your enthusiasm. except for you. you were not clapping. what's going on there? >> i'm from boston. >> oh, you don't clap in boston? come on, clap. ladies and gentlemen, dave price with the weather. keep on clapping. let's get some enthusiasm. smile, smile, smile. all right. there we go. you're good. let go to -- what happened to the red sox this year, huh?
8:32 am
>> i don't follow the red sox. >> well, enjoy your trip back to boston. let's take a check of the maps. see what's going on across the country. looks like boston and new york and philadelphia all seeing great weather. the northeast looks just terrific. high pressure is really bringing some lovely weather to the area. but all the high heat now compressed in the southeast where it will be steamy and hot. northwest looks good right along the coastline. the high temperatures, though, spread inland. keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction. and the twin cities, areas of the northern plain states are going to be seeing rough weather today along with areas around the four corners. that's a quick
8:33 am
that's a quick look at your national maps. hello to everyone from sharon, pennsylvania this morning. we'll send it on over to the comfy seats. with summer travel at its peak and airplanes more crowded than ever, good news is on the horizon about your overall comfort while flying. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here with details. what does this mean to the price of the airline tickets? >> price is going up anyway regardless of the seat, but at least we'll be more comfortable. >> let start out here. harry is sitting in a seat from american airlines? >> yes. and hair haverry is actually in. >> this is what a coach seat looks like. >> yes. stop it. this is one of the new seats from american airlines. and what's nice about it is it's
8:34 am
all about the connectivity. right now you don't have to use the old cigarette lighter ports. he's on his laptop with a regular plug. which means you can charge everything. and the other thing is -- >> do you have to bring your own power strip? >> a lot of people do. >> hair drier. sorry, harry. i was thinking of myself. >> the other thing is the recline. the worst thing about coach seats is when somebody in front of you reclines, it goes in to your neck. you see how it slides out behind him? >> so it's not right in your face. >> exactly. this is on all the american airlines 737s. >> if i bring my laptop, is there a limit as to how much juice you can plug into that? i was joking about a hair drier. >> a hair drier will blow any system, but the bottom line is laps don't draw lot.dryier. >> a hair drier will blow any system, but the bottom line is laps don't draw lot.>> a hair d system, but the bottom line is laps don't draw will blo system, but the bottom line is laps don't draw lot.yer will bl system, but the bottom line is laps don't draw lot. >> erica is sitting in -- what
8:35 am
airline is this? >> this is delta. >> and this is a new coach seat. when delta merge hed with northwest, they got all the 747s. those seats were terrible. these are the new seats going in. they're wider, who are comfortable, thin, lighter. they have a nice big nine inch screen which has everything about social networking. even the ipod can be punched in there. >> and when i do go to watch, you can program, you can set parental controls for your kids so they can only access certain things. >> exactly. >> but then the person next to you is watching like the r rated movie. >> the bottom line is another inch and a half of leg room here which you really, really need. especially in coach. >> let's come over here. betty looks very comfortable. >> this is continental. >> this is called heaven airline. >> this is a first class product at a business class price. 180 degree lie flat, go ahead, there she goes -- >> it goes slowly.
8:36 am
>> it goes all the way down. you have a 15 inch screen which is great. but the other thing is this, it's called the tower of power. you take what harry had in american and we multiply it, it has everything plug in you could have. and here's the cool thing. could you plug in your ipod and watch your favorite movies on that screen. >> did you get a shot of that? that's amazing. you can plug in so many things at one time. >> that's right. radio shack right here. >> i heard that singapore airlines has something that put this is to shame. >> its see big, we couldn't get it here. it's not a seat. it's a suite. this is on their 8380s going between london and singapore. it has turn down service. it's actually a double bed. it is so big, literally we couldn't bring it here, it's the size of a small new york city apartment. and probably has the cost of a new york city apartment, too. are you centered. >> how much? >> from london to singapore,
8:37 am
$15,000. >> woah. for how many hours are you on that flight? >> you'll be sleeping. >> for like whatever it is -- >> about 12 hours. >> oh. >> here's the fun part. >> dave has congrecked here. what airlines is this? >> keep it down. >> we'll call it kucuddle class. it was designed for families. it converts in to bedses. the foot rest comes up, so for families, they can lie down on the flight on these long haul flights, this will be on the 777s coming in to los angeles. >> this is like a flat bed. it's pretty good. >> it is. >> so the judged that -- >> and the pillows don't even fall off. >> the backs don't go down anymore? >> but look at how much space he's got. >> you can lay down. >> so two slim people could fit. >> or if dave meets a friend. >> just look in the row behind
8:38 am
you and you try to meet somebody. >> peter, go lie down there. >> you're the wrong guy. let me just tell you. >> peter greenberg, thanks so much. we are about to meet a man who has beaten cancer, not once, but twice. and now uses his experience to spread a message of hope. before we speak with him exclusively, doctor bs news correspondent michelle miller has his inspiring story. >> whatever obstacle you have in life, whatever troubles are in front of you, you can't give up. you have to keep climbing and moving forward. >> reporter: 35-year-old sean swarner is no ordinary mountain climber. he also happens to be a cancer survivor. traveling the world, he speaks to cancer patients. >> nice. i had one just like that. >> reporter: spreading his message of hope and survival. >> i'm sean. hi. >> reporter: he was first diagnosed with stage 4 hodgkin's lymphoma at the age of 13 and
8:39 am
was given just three months to live. >> i'm 60 pounds overweight, bald from head to toe, literally sitting on the bottom of the shower floor crying my eyeballs out. it was hell for me. >> reporter: amazingly, he beat the deadly disease. but just two years later, doctors found a rare cancerous due more attached to his right lung. this time, they gave him just 14 days. >> the chances of me getting and surviving both of these illnesses was essentially equivalent to winning the lottery four times in s is in h the same numbers. >> reporter: sean says he beat the odds for a reason and made it his mission to show other cancer patients that anything is possible. so he set his sights on conqu conquering the tallest peak in the world, mount mt. everest. >> i wanted to be the first cancer survivor in history to be
8:40 am
on top of ever rest and give people hope to literally scream from the top of the people hope to literally scream from the top of the world.est a people hope to literally scream from the top of the world. >> reporter: with just one fully functioning lawn, sean set out from base camp in the spring of 2002. five weeks later, he reached the summit. he carried a little inspiration in his pocket, a small flag with the names of other cancer survivors. >> every single person on the face of the earth who has ever been touched by cancer in any way carried me to the top of ever rest. >> reporter: and he didn't stop there. he's taken the survivor flags to the tallest peaks of all seven continents. you just push through? >> you have to. >> reporter: deshawn lives in breckenridge, colorado, where he can often be found training in the mountains with 100 pounds of rocks on his back.
8:41 am
he continues to be an inspiration to those who need it most. >> sharing my survivorship story with those kids, with the patients, with the parents, that tears me up because i we shall i could do more. i wish i could get in there and pull the cancer out. >> reporter: it's a constant reminder. >> and there she is. >> reporter: no matter how many peaks he scales, there will always be another mountain to climb. >> one thing that i want people to understand is that the human body can never live without hope. and i want to try to show them what's possible. how do you feel, buddy sf what do you want to do? >> wooh! >> and sean swarner joins us exclusively via satellite phone from the base camp at 10,000 feet on africa's mt. kilimanjaro. sean, good morning.
8:42 am
>> hey, how are you doing over there? >> we're doing well. i know you've got several first time climbers with you, including some cancer survivors. how are they fairing so far? >> well, so far so good. we have an amputee from the knee down. we also have a colon survivor cancer. and they're both pulling through really well. >> that's really good. we just heard your story. people see it, they're going to be inspired by it. you've climbed the high he is pe est peeks in the wor e peaks in the world. why do you continue to climb? >> do i to give people hope. when i was sick, i had no hope, i had no in-spare spir race. anything you put your mind to, you can truly accomplish. if people see somebody out there who was given three months to live, 14 days to live, who was in a coma for a year of his
8:43 am
life, who was red his last rites, who has one lung, anything is really possible. >>. >> of all the highest summits, do you have a favorite? >> my heart is on everyrest because you can't compare, but kilimanjaro, you go through five or six different climate tick zones and this is a beautiful and magical mountain for sure. >> and as all of these challenges that you have managed to not only experience but cop kerr conquer, what's next on your horizon? >> well, with the cancer survivor association, we're trying to raise funds to actually have a mobile camp for kids with cancer. traveling around the country and visiting local hospitals. >> sean, we wish you good luck
8:44 am
today and for the next couple days as you climb mt. kilimanjaro. a lot of people very impressed with what you're doing around the world and owe and you debt of gratitude. sean, thank you so much and good luck out there. >> my pleasure. thank you guys. appreciate it. for more on sean and his cancer climber association, all you need to do is go to erica? some celebrities coming down to earth a little bit this summer. they're trading in those mile high stilettos for what some call the ugliest shoe around. for too long women have been slave to fashionable footwear from impossibly high heels to towering platforms, they've sacrificed comfort. exercise the shoe so you go gi it's become. celebs have been spotted out stepping in these stand dals nicknamed the granny shoe.
8:45 am
created by a german podiatrist, the suddenly chic orthopedic sandals is meant to ease bunion pain. arches and ankles rejoice, but would a worshipper gain the mainstream appeal is this. >> i think of nursing homes, this. >> i think of nursing homes, orthopedic. unfashionable. >> looks kind of old fashioned. could i see my mother maybe wearing it. >> reporter: after test runs, did the worshipper win any new hearts? >> could i see like with the right sun dress and pair of shorts, it could work and be fashionable. >> they're actually really comfortable. who knew? >> who knew is right. joiningis this morning, ruthie friedlander, senior editor of good to have you back this morning. i get the comfort thing. but in all honesty, it's not the most attractive shoe. so why are celebrities flocking to them? >> i think that it's important for everyone to remember that
8:46 am
celebrities are people, too. and they more than anyone are walking the red carpet in their heels. they need to stay comfortable. and at the end of the day, comfort is king sometimes. >> and it can save years of pain down the road. so we want to try to adopt the trend. you have great ways for to us wear the shoe. first the casual look. >> you have the amazing pop of color in the yellow. this is kind of our more casual beach look. you have the pop of yellow and a great tank top. and then she's kind of using the shoe not only as a shoe, but as an secreta accessory to spice up the outfit. we're drawn to the shoe because of the color. >> so this one works. so if you -- here's your casual look and i like the pop of color idea. what if you're trying to wear these with jeans? >> doild a similar thing in that use them to spice up the outfit.
8:47 am
this is our rocker chic look. we have this amazing leather vest and she is wearing the lace-up. the color is not distracting. the lace-up makes it a little different and that's why this works is because it's adding shall umpt to her outfit. >> i have to say they're growing on me. but for work, you can wear them to work? >> not only can you wear them to work, but i think you could wear them in a pretty corporate setting. this is the look that we put together for work. you see it with a great pencil skirt. and this is probably the most c classic. the great thing about wearing these to work, if you have a job where you're on your feet all day, you don't have to worry about getting those foot cramps. basically you can have height, you're not wearing a flat, but you still have the comfort. >> if you work in a city, i'd wear my my flats and bring my
8:48 am
shoes. i wouldn't have to do that. >> and it's important to note the heel is really essential here. >> but you can't wear them with a suit. >> no, no, no suits. >> here's a casual nighttime look. >> this is a casual nighttime look. in terms of formal wear, i probably wouldn't bewaring th w these to a cocktail party. these aren't a shoe to impress, but if you're going out on a night on the town with the girls and going dancing, you're not trying to impress one person, these are totally fine to way. >> this is a great if you're out on vacation or at the lake. >> absolutely. and again she's sticking to the plain black which is going to match with everything. >> are there any big no-nos besides the first date? >> no formal wear, no first date. these are not looks to impress. >> this is once you're comfortable in the relationship, you break out the baggy sweatpants and these.
8:49 am
>> totally fine once you've been dating the guy long enough. >> you might be winning me over. >> definitely the crocs of the look inside a more than 17 billion dollar investment, and what do you see? at at&t, we see the dreams and ambitions of everyday americans coming true. we see an economic recovery taking root as businesses grow and prosper and add jobs, thanks to the amazing power of an open internet that works. america needs an internet that is always getting faster, safer, and more secure. at at&t, our investment last year of more than 17 billion dollars in the wireless and wired networks of tomorrow is what's fueling
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innovation today and creating jobs and opportunities now. we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now.
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the royal family in england releasing never before seen photos to coincide with the summer opening of buckingham palace. they're actually using flicker which is -- i don't know. a little surprising. some of these pictures date all the way back to the 1860s. >> if your flicker, then you can interface with other people around the world and trade family photos. >> but that's no it. to be honest with you, they actually gave a second set of prints for just 20 cents.t it. to be honest with you, they actually gave a second set of prints for just 20 cents. they're trying to actually swatch how they spend britain's money. >> they are never before seen
8:52 am
pictures. >> so obviously a family picture there of charles, diana, harry and will. and we have more of the pictures, too. who is that one? >> i think that's charles. >> young prince charles. i think we have one of queen elizabeth age three, is that right? >> look at that. >> pretty cute. so each family member has their folder. young girl wlos was who want tot harry or will, they can go to the folder. but i had idea they were on twitter. christmas podcasts in like 2006, i think. >> i do remember that. >> i'm going tell them we're talking about them. >> ask them what's in the purse. >> what's in her little purse.
8:53 am
>> have a [ female announcer ] lean cuisine presents... the book of truth. food myth #9. [ woman ] chopping, peeling and sauteing can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing? for who? for fresh taste without the fuss, try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new garlic chicken is freshly steamed in this revolutionary steam pouch that unlocks the flavors of tender white meat chicken, crisp farm picked veggies and al dente pasta, for a steamed dinner like never before. now that's fresh thinking. new market creations from lean cuisine. keep life delicious.
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